Conducted on-site, workshops are led by a seasoned instructor with both marketing expertise and interactive teaching experience. Insights from stakeholder interviews are incorporated to ensure the design, content and length will engage your audience. We adapt to your corporate culture to strike the right balance between the instructor’s teaching and interactive team exercises.


Run by an experienced instructor with both marketing expertise and webinar teaching skills, webinars are conducted through either the client’s or an external technology. Webinars typically range from 30 to 120 minutes, and include videos and interactivity to align with your corporate culture. Stakeholders are surveyed in advance to ensure recommended solutions are relevant to your audience.


Created by skilled instructors who possess both marketing expertise and e-learning experience, modules can be of any length as appropriate for the content and your corporate culture. A variety of formats may be employed, such as PowerPoint, video and more.


Experts are available for speaking engagements and keynote speeches. We work with clients to shape the approach and content based on your expectations, the audience and your organizational culture.


Led by an experienced facilitator, in-person sessions help move an initiative forward or advance a certain process. Facilitation includes working with clients to determine session participants, agenda, expectations, deliverables, format, and length.


Marketing professionals review relevant internal documents and data, conduct external research, and meet with stakeholders. Deliverables includes key insights, gap analysis, opportunity assessment, and recommendations that are aligned with clients’ objectives and expectations.