social media 2.0The Princeton Club NYC, July 24, 2014 – Yorkville Consulting shared tips for business-to-business financial services brands to differentiate through social media. Attendees included managing directors and executives from Ernst & Young, ING, Nationwide and TIAA-CREF, in disciplines such as marketing, corporate communications, investor relations and analytics.

1. Social Media is a Strong Branding Tool in B-to-B

It builds trust through awareness and familiarity, and enhances your reputation as a thought leader through content. Social media simplifies the process of referrals, for example, by easily forwarding content links from your web site or LinkedIn posts. Understanding and mastering SEO will further differentiate and build your brand.

2. Relevance + Engagement = Key to Success

Don’t just go for the “hottest” social media tool. Go with what is most relevant for your brand, offering, clients and prospects. Align social media look & feel with your brand. Integrate messaging with your other marketing channels. Only participate in social environments where people may comment or ask questions if you are prepared to engage in a dialogue. People have high expectations for real time responses!

3. Social Media is One Tactic in Your Overall Networking Strategy

Social networking can be an effective tool to augment your marketing mix. However, it does not replace face-to-face networking, which continues to play a significant role in building and differentiating your brand in the B-to-B space.