Spotlight on Success: Dina Shapiro

By Linda Descano, CFA ®, President and CEO, Women & Co.

Name: Dina Shapiro
Occupation: Founder, Yorkville Consulting
Home Base: New York City

Dina is the founder and CEO of Yorkville Consulting, which helps companies drive engagement internally and externally through marketing capabilities building, marketing organization design, and corporate brand strategy services. Our paths crossed when she worked at Citi and her experience at what it’s like inside a corporate marketing team and ad agency was invaluable as I transitioned from the world of investment management to that of marketing.

In a sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job?
I help clients define and align their corporate brand strategy, optimize their marketing organization to be more competitive, and engage their employees through marketing capabilities training and senior consultations.

What’s your key to success?
I focus on what’s right, not who’s right. To focus on the “what”, you need to tap into your natural intelligence, stay current on trends and best practices (marketing is very dynamic!), assess the facts objectively, remain open-minded, think creatively, and bring a fresh perspective.

What’s the best piece of career or life advice you’ve ever received?
Embrace your curiosity, and never be afraid to ask questions, for curiosity is at the heart of every great insight.

Who is your financial role model and why?
My father. I admire his financial savvy, dedication to provide for his family, and the successful law practice he built. My father has guided me financially my whole life, for example, quizzing me in math as a child, helping me obtain my first high school summer job, advising me to take advantage of company match programs, or even to this day counseling me on my retirement accounts. Though you asked for only one financial role model, I should add that my father had a top-rate office manager in his law firm and person in charge of the home expenses….my mother!

In a word, what does money mean to you?

  • What words do you live by?
  • Be self-aware to know your strengths and limitations.
  • Where there is a will, there really is a way.
  • Make decisions today that you will feel right about later in your life.
  • Relevance is always relevant (this one will be most relevant to the marketers reading this article, pun intended).