The Harvard Club, Boston, FRA Conference, November 17, 2014 –  Yorkville Consulting shared tips for business-to-business marketers to differentiate their brands and engage customers. Attendees included managing directors and executives from Bloomberg, DuPont Capital Management, Fidelity, New York Life, S&P Dow Jones, Vanguard and RBC, across disciplines such as marketing, client services, relationship management, corporate communications, investor relations and analytics.

1. Align Branding And Messaging With Your Corporate Strategy

Marketing should support your company vision, mission, purpose and values. This will create a connection between what you say, how you say it and why customers should believe you.

2. Integrate Marketing Efforts Across Touch Points

This will create a consistent brand look and feel so customers may easily identify, and trust, the source of the message. This will improve your customer experience, and increase acquisition and retention.

3. Seek Relevant Social Media Environments

Choose opportune social media environments, not just what seems hot right now. Be socially present where it is most relevant for your customers, prospects, brand and product or service offering. This will increase referrals and improve your SEO. Ensure your organization is structured to respond real time with customers.

4. Engage Your Customers Through Content Marketing To Build Trust

Presence and credibility as a thought leader will increase loyalty. Deliver valuable content that highlights how your services will make customers more successful. Include new ideas and provocative insights to demonstrate your market knowledge and how these trends affect your customers. Connect content marketing efforts with business results. This will help you secure funding for ongoing content marketing.

5. Always Think From Your Customer’s Perspective To Understand Their Mindset And Expectations

Shift from marketing products and services to delivering customer outcomes and success. Understand your customer’s decision journey. Who is in their consideration set? How to they evaluate options? What is their purchasing experience? This insight will help you create more loyal customers.

In sum, these tips will help you differentiate from competition and engage your customers to create loyalty.